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As an added service to having lessons with me, you will if you want it be able to see your assessment video and lesson video’s online along with your notes to remember. Your page is password protected and all videos can only be linked through your page. You will also get a slow motion video of your swing to see in fine detail what your are doing. These are added once your lessons are completed as it will allow you to go back in and remember what it is you need to work on.

The reason these are mainly added at the end of a course of sessions is that, during the lessons I expect you to take notes and refer back to me if you need help remembering. It is your game and you need to understand it. I will absolutely help and be there for you when you need it. The notes at the end of the course of lessons should add as a refresher to you and fill in any gaps. When coming for a lesson you are only with me for a short period of time. You will be spending much longer out on the course on your own, so it is imperative that I help you to understand your game better.

To access your lesson notes and to view the videos of your swing, please click on your name. You will then need to fill in the password that was emailed to you. If you have lost your password please contact Tom via tom@tombridger.co.uk for a new one.

If you are viewing this page to see the added service you get when booking lessons with me, please click on Tom Bridger, and use password 1111

Tom Bridger



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To book your assessment or lesson please contact Tom via tom@tombridger.co.uk or 07535 558 119