Every player is individual and therefore has individual needs, through doing an assessment it allows me to see the areas you do well and the areas for improvement. Focusing on these areas will bring about the biggest change in your game and lower your scores as fast as possible.

I feel that working on the correct areas you can benefit straight away. A comment I hear that frustrates me is that ‘by taking lessons you will get worse first.’ I disagree with this comment why would the best players in the world continually take lessons. It is to improve their current skills and help them improve their levels of play.

I look to only work on areas that will benefit your game, in the assessment we will be able to talk through this and I can answer any questions that you may have.

‘I started playing golf about 18 months ago, and Tom was my coach at chessington’s group ladies day.As I have a disability, polio in my left arm , Tom had a real challenge! I must say he worked miracles for me , as everything had to be adapted to my specific need, for his patience and professionalism I will always be grateful. I would definitely recommend Tom.’ Ann Dighton

The most personalised golf coaching service in the world

When booking a course of lessons with me you get over £100 of free lessons/services from me. You get a FREE assessment (worth £45) to help target your specific areas. A FREE lesson (worth a minimum of £25) when purchasing 5 to work on your specific areas. Online video library of yourswing (worth £20) so you know what to work on from anywhere in the world. And a FREE packet of lesson resource cards (worth £10) to help keep your practice focused. With all this added value to your lessons, you will continue to improve between your lessons and to a much greater standard. My theory is the more specific the coaching is to your needs the better you will become. Look through the menu above to find out more information on all these areas. You also have my mobile number you can call me and talk through any area of your game 24/7.

To book your assessment or lessons please contact or call 07535 558 119.