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lockdown ideas

Welcome everyone, hope that you’re all safe and well in the lockdown.

I have come across some great challenges and things to do to help aid your golf in the lockdown, please see below for them. If there are any others you have come across on your searches please let me know via 

Golf Psychology Webinar

Thank you to all those who have expressed an interest in the Golf Psychology Webinar, I will be sending you out the meeting details soon. The meeting will be hosted via Zoom, and can be accessed by a web browser if you do not already have the app.

If you are interested in the webinar please email me at or and I will get you sent out the details too.

The webinar will be on Tuesday 12th May at 8pm – we will be looking at:

Negative thoughts on the course and how we can over come them
Switching on your golf mind
Shot preparation
Practice Games and Drills

It will be a very relaxed evening, bring a glass of red and lets have a chat about playing better golf.

If you have any specific questions you would like answered in the webinar, please email them to me beforehand.

Golf Jokes and Videos

golf joke video – The Golfers Dilemma




Online Video Coaching

Download the golf coach app from app store on iphone or play store on android, in the profile setup add me as the coach, tombridgerpga , you will then be able to send me videos of your swing and you can improve your game at home.


Some quick videos from on challenges to have a go at, i will add more of these through the lockdown

Home Schooling from – learn about golf while working on different subjects


Podcasts- I listen to the on the mark podcast from the PGA, there is some great info on there and it can be downloaded from most casting sites, such as spotify and itunes etc


Emoji Quiz  – Golf Courses

To check your answers, please email or text 07535 558 119


Rules Quiz

For those looking for a little bit of a brain teaser, try out the R and A rules quiz.

Knowing the rules correctly can give you a nice advantage when playing, if you know how to use the rules and what options you have in situations you can make the best decision for you.

Please click here


Online Learning Courses

With a bit more time available there are some really good online course that you could do to help improve your golf. Some that I have found online via the Leadbetter University are:

The Parent Coach
Faults and Fixes
7 Minute Practice Plan

These are all free courses which you can apply for and take around 1 – 2 hours. Please see the link  for where to register.


Get the correct equipment for your game



There are some tools online designed to help you get the correct equipment for your game.

Please see below for the Titleist Vokey Wedge fitting tool. It will help you to identify which wedges will best suit your game. When we are back in the shop we have 12 vokey demo wedges that you will be able to take out and try on the new pitching and chipping area and on the course. Having the correct equipment in the short game will certainly help to lower your scores.

We will also do the best price around for our members so please let me know if your interested???

Please click here to find out your specs


Golf Psychology Coaching



Please check this out from Sports Psychologist Bhrett McCabe. Bhrett has coached 12 PGA Tour winners on the mental side of the game. In this series of videos he takes you through 5 potential landmines that can come up on the course. I found this really useful and can certanly relate to doing all 5 at some points on the course. He gives you some great tools to over come these and help you out in your round of golf. Please click here to sign up for free


Get Physically Ready for Golf

Please click here for a link to the Elastic Golfer’s Instagram page, there are some great explanations and stretches that you can follow, if you have any postural or body weaknesses. There are exercises for each part of the body, having your body moving better will certainly help you to swing the club more effectively.

More info from Thomas can be found at his website here


Betchworth Rules Quiz

Thank you to the Ladies section for sending me a rules quiz they did last year. It is a very engaging quiz taking you through the 18 holes and rules infractions that may arise.

Please click here for the Quiz

Please click here for the Answers 


The New Bucket Challenge

Thank you to Dave Penny for sending in one of his chipping/pitching challenges.

Buckets are placed at 4 metres, 8 metres and 12 metres, you can pace them out. The task is to then get 1 ball into each bucket in the lowest number of shots. The record is currently set at 12, please have a go and let me know how you get on.

If you have any games/challenges you’ve played and enjoyed please send them over and i’ll add them to future newsletters and the website.

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