Performance Coaching

What is Performance Coaching?

Performance coaching is different to traditional golf coaching. Performance coaching is about setting your goals, designing your critical path to get you to your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Performance coaching will not only look at your technique but also the way you practice. By looking at all areas of your game and how you practice, the way you learn golf will be changed. You will have a greater understanding of you game and a greater confidence in your ability, which will allow you to perform at your true potential more often.

Is Performance coaching for you?

Performance coaching is not for everyone, it is a full commitment to improve your golf, however if you are willing to put in the time and effort, you will enjoy your golf more than ever before and will be playing the golf you have always dreamed of. Your game will stand up under pressure and allow you to compete to your true potential more often.

Due to the individuality of Performance coaching there is no set fee for the course of sessions, it will depend on where you want to get to and the amount of time you have to put into your golf. When going through the assessment we will be able to talk through the packages available. The fee will be paid on a monthly basis and will be over a minimum of 6 months. This gives the techniques and practice drills enough time for you to reach the ownership levels for the skills.

 Elite Performance Golfing Academy  

I also offer a performance package where I work with a Golf Bio-mechanics specialist and a Golf Psychologist, click here to check out the Elite Performance Golf Academy, which includes performance coaching, bio-mechanics coaching and mind coaching.


Checkout the PDS website to show the training I have undertaken to be a performance coach