Individual Lessons

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In a one to one basis these lessons will give you areas to work on specific to your game. Please remember you can book an assessment before as this will allow us to best spend your lesson time and bring about the biggest and best change in your game.

I started having lessons with Tom at the beginning of the winter season this year. After only 6 lessons, already I am starting to see results in my game. I have seen many other coaches before, but Tom is the only one that spotted the main flaw in my swing which has been affecting my consistency. He uses simple methods to break the swing down which is easy for me to understand and to put into practise effectively. I now feel confident with my swing and my ability going into the new season. I would recommend anybody at any level of the game to see Tom and improve their game too. Ben Richards, Leatherhead Golf Club

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Individual Lessons

  • Golf Assessment – £35.00 – refunded if at least a further  1 hour lesson booked
  • 30min Lesson – £35.00   
  • 1 hour Lesson – £60.00    
  • 6 for 5 (30min) – £175.00 
  • 6 for 5 (Hour) – £300.00   

For someone looking for the ultimate improvement package then these options are for you:

  • 12 x one hour lessons – £540.00      
  • 24 x one hour lessons  – £999.00   

36 Hour Lesson Package Special

For the golfer serious about improving their game in all areas you can get the 36 hour package for just £1299.00,. We will be able to go through all areas in depth and includes the putting studio, balls and green fees used in the lessons. 

Specific Lesson Packages

  • The hit it longer package
  • Dial in your short game package
  • Hole more putts package
  • Understand your ball flight package
  • Trouble shots package
  • Play smarter golf package

Each package is 3 hours long (except the play smarter package, which is 3 x 6 hole lessons) and can be broken up into time chunks dependent on your diary. In each of the packages you will learn the following things:

Hit it Longer Package

  • Learn how to setup to create your maximum yardage
  • Learn how to improve your impact factors to maximise yardage
  • Optimise your driver to best suit your game

Dial In your Short Game Package

  • Understand the best setup positions to maximise your margins of error
  • Learn how to best use your wedges from all types of lies
  • Learn distance control on chipping and pitching
  • Practice games to keep practice engaging

Hole More Putts Package

  • Using the TOMI system have your putting stroke analysed
  • Learn the rules of why a putt breaks
  • Learn a solid putting routine
  • Feel more confident holing out
  • Practice games to keep practice engaging

Understand your Ball Flight Package

  • Learn why your ball does what it does
  • How you can alter your setup to alter the result of a shot
  • be able to alter your ball flight when desired
  • have the confidence to do this on the course
  • Learn your yardages you hit each club

Trouble Shot Package

  • Learn how to escape from Bunkers
  • How to get the ball out of the rough
  • How to play the ball out of rough around the green
  • How to hit low shots
  • How to hit high shots
  • Any shot you struggle with
  • (roughly 30 mins per shot)

Play Smarter Golf Package – £195

  • 3 x 6 hole lessons
  • How to best plan for each shot
  • How to create consistency in your game
  • What to do between shots to help keep you on track
  • Create a routine you can trust
  • How to properly reflect on your shots and round

The cost for the packages is £175 per package (apart from the play smarter) and. For the golfer looking to do all packages you get an special price of all he packages for £849.00

On Course Lessons

  • 6 Holes – £75.00
  • 9 Holes – £105.00
  • 18 Holes – £180.00

Club Gapping

Another service that I offer are gapping sessions, this is a great way to find out exactly how far you hit each club in the bag on AVERAGE, not how far you hit it downwind, downhill on a hot day in the summer!! Having this information will allow you to make better smarter decisions on the course.

  • £45 

Indoor Putting Studio

Using the TOMI system you can get an in depth look at your putting stroke and specific drills to work on to improve your putting game.
  • 1 Hour analysis – £60.00
  • 2 Hour Analysis – £110.00 (saving £10)
  • 2 Hour Analysis with 2 x 30 minute Follow ups – £175.00

Monthly Coaching Packages

More and more people are having specialist monthly packages put together for their game, this is a great way to take your game to the next level. The packages can include lessons, playing lessons, bio-mechanics, psychology and a coaching diary. Book into the assessment and let me know you are interested in this so a plan can be tailored for you. prices vary depending on package,

See your swing in slow motion – every detail is captured to bring you the best quality lesson and specific to your game



With all lessons you get a FREE notebook to keep a log of your changes and things to remember for on the course. You can also keep a record of all your games to practice and scores you get. Used effectively the notebook can really enhance your learning

All lessons on the range, short game area and putting green, include golf balls so there is NO added cost. Some ranges will charge you an extra £10 per lesson for golf balls. You will only pay the price you see.

With bookings of 6 lessons or more, you will also receive 4 vouchers for you to use. These are avaialble for members and non members of Betchworth GC. The vouchers include:

a FREE use of the Performance Centre

25% off a gapping session

25% off a playing lesson

FREE Coffee for members

Guest rate Green fee for upto 4 players – non-members (saving upto £25pp)

To buy lessons online or to purchase a voucher for a loved one or friend please visit You can also call 07535 558 119 or 01372 849 413 to purchase the lessons or vouchers. For anymore information please contact