Elite Performance Coaching

Elite Performance Golfing Academy

The Elite Performance Golfing Academy, is a new way to improve and develop your golf. It is only for people who are seriously looking to improve their games and are dedicated to a program that will advance their games, like the SAS 99.9% need not apply….

We look at your Technique and Performance coaching, Body and Nutrition coaching and Mind Coaching, by looking at these 3 individual areas and working at them, your golf, body and mind will develop beyond your wildest dreams.

The ElitePGA sessions are run over a 5 day intensive course which are based in the U.K and Portugal. For a long term development there are courses available to run from 3 months to 24 months.  To make a lasting change to your golf you will need to commit to the process, to play the best golf you can will take time, dedication and perseverance. There will be times when the work is hard, but that’s where your coaches will come in and keep you motivated and your path to better golf.

There are 3 specific coaches, each doing one area of specialty, this way you get the best level of coaching throughout the program. Each coach specialises in their given field and have undertaken many specialist course’s to further their knowledge and experience.

Tom Bridger – Performance and Technique Coaching

Chris Wright – Body and Nutrition Coaching, visit www.pursuitfitnesstraining.co.uk

Aneal Advani – Mind Coaching, visit www.golfingminds.co.uk

Coaching will take place over a minimum of 6 months and cost will be based on your needs and the amount of time you have available to put into your lessons

Visit www.elitepga.com for more information about revolutionising  your golf.

email: tom@elitepga.com or call 07535 558 119 for more information