Jennifer Belfrage golf lessons

Technique – make sure the clubface is aligned with the target you wish to hit towards and with your grip make sure it goes through the life line of your left hand.

Routine – Pick a point of where the hole would be if the putt was totally flat, then do the routine of aiming at that spot and looking towards that point, step over and hit the putt, the slope will move the ball towards the hole

Make it harder – practice putting with your eyes closed and also for shorter putts work on putting to a 5p coin.

Full Swing

On the backswing, you do not need to turn your hips to far as by turning to far you will actually lose power, by keeping them stiller you can create more resisitance. From here start your turn through with your hips and allow yourself to turn all the way through into the finish.

On course

Plan the shot before selecting the club, decide on how far the shot is playing and what shot you want left from here then select the club and go for the shot.