Indoor Performance Centre


Betchworth Golf Performance Centre 3

I’m delighted to announce that as of Friday the 4th December 2015 the Betchworth Park Performance Centre will be open.

This is a fantastic new state of  the art facility. Over the past couple of months we have turned dead space in the clubhouse into a fully functional state of the art Performance Centre.

With the use of the latest technology, ball data is picked up and projected onto a large hitting screen. You can then see ball flight along with spin rates, launch angle, total distance, carry distance, average distance, ball speed and much more. Providing accurate statistics is key to improvement on performance, no more guessing!

With the Performance Centre being indoors,there is no need to worry about the weather if you have a lesson booked in. This means we will also be able to offer lessons during the evenings in the winter months.

Individual practice sessions will also be available to book. Again this is a great option for those wanting to practice during adverse weather conditions. It will also enable you to get much more from your practice with accurate data produced after every shot.


Club Gapping

Another service that I will be providing are gaping sessions, this is a great way to find out exactly how far you hit each club in the bag on AVERAGE, not how far you hit it downwind, downhill on a hot day in the summer!! Having this information will allow you to make better smarter decisions on the course for only £40 


Betchworth Golf Performance Centre 2Betchworth Golf Performance Centre 1