Golf Assessment


Einstein said anyone who continues to do the same thing over and over again and expects to get different results is INSANE

I understand that you have a huge selection of Golf Professionals to choose from, please allow me 2 minutes to explain why I am the best coach for you.

My name is Tom Bridger and I coach at the beautiful Betchworth Park Golf Club in Dorking, Surrey. My coaching is designed to get you playing better golf with improved level of understanding in your swing. I have coached every standard of golfer ranging from someone who has never played to a seasoned professional looking to lower their scores. The free assessment is a chance for you to get to know me before outlaying any money and also will let you find the areas of you game to work on to bring about the best change in your game.

‘The perfect coach must be knowledgeable, courteous, able to empathise, transfers enthusiasm and maintains a twinkling sense of humour. Tom has all of these qualities. I can’t wait to retire to have time to improve my game under his guidance.’                      Maggie Taverner

For current golfers

To improve your game I run a golf assessment . In the assessment I will video all areas of your game, we will then use this as a form of reference/benchmark to build upon and put together a unique coaching program for you.

The cost for the assessment is £35, this is refunded if at least a 1 hour lesson is booked in.

Through this process I can work out;

Your Strengths

  • – playing
  • – mental
  • – physical

Your Weaknesses

  • – playing
  • – mental
  • – physical

We can then highlight the areas for improvement and work out a plan of getting you the game you desire.

Working on these specific areas will help to lower your scores and bring back your enjoyment into the game. You would have to be INSANE not to take up this offer.

In the words of Doctor Pepper whats the worst that could happen!

For Beginners

For someone who has never played and looking to get into the game, then give me call or email and get booked into an introductory lesson.

‘I have been a member at Leatherhead Golf Club for about 8 months and decided to take lessons as it was a while since I played. Tom has managed to improve my golf 100%. His concise explanation of the problems and his step by step approach allows me to put his teachings into practise without feeling overwhelmed by trying to do too much too quickly. Thank you Tom and I look forward to your continued help and a lower handicap ! ‘
Andy Mildenhall (handicap 26 to 19 in 10 months)

To take lessons you do not have to be a member of the club

To Book your Golf Assessment or Lessons, contact or call 07535 558 119

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