Tomi Indoor putting studio






We all know that putting is one of most important parts of the game (along with pitching) but it is also probably the most overlooked area too. So for the winter, I have setup an indoor putting studio at Betchworth Park Golf Club. Using the latest computer and video technology you can have your putting stroke analysed and then have specific drills using specially designed aids to practice your stroke to bring about a measurable change.

The TOMI system analyzes the player’s performance by measuring critical parameters that define a good or poorly executed stroke:

  • Alignment at Address and Alignment at Impact (relative to address)
  • Stroke Path at Impact and Stroke Path
  • Clubhead Rotation Shaft Angle at Impact
  • Impact Zone and Speed at Impact
  • Stroke Tempo

With it being an indoor studio the lessons on the TOMI system can be taken during the day or evening come rain or shine (or snow!)

The initial lesson is  2 hour session, which covers analysis of your stroke on the TOMI and through video, looking at your putting routine, checking your alignment, checking that you have the correct putter for your size and stroke and looking at green reading. The cost of a 2 hour session is normally £100 but up until the end of the year I will be doing this at the special rate of £75 (saving £25)

To just look at the putting analysis it is a 1 hour session at the cost of £50

For a lasting change in your stroke there is a winter package of the 2 hour session and 2 x 45 minute follow up lessons for £140 (saving £50)

To get your lessons booked in please call Tom on 07535 558 119 or email tom@tombridger.co.uk, lessons are available from Tuesday 15th October 2013.

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