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Holiday Camps

School Holiday Golf Camps

During the holidays we run junior golf camps, these cover all areas of the game and include games please see the table below for what is happening and when. All standards of golfer welcome from beginners to the seasoned player, games are all adapted to ability.

Name of Camp Date Time each day Cost
Summer Holiday Mon 26th to Fri 30th July 10am  – 3pm £40 per day or book 4 and get the 5th FREE – Days can be used over multiple weeks
Summer Holiday Mon 2nd to Fri 6th Aug 10am  – 3pm £40 per day or book 4 and get the 5th FREE – Days can be used over multiple weeks
Summer Holiday Mon 16th  to Fri 20th Aug 10am  – 3pm £40 per day or book 4 and get the 5th FREE – Days can be used over multiple weeks
Summer Holiday Mon 23rd to Wed 25th Aug 10am  – 3pm £40 per day or book 4 and get the 5th FREE – Days can be used over multiple weeks

£40 per day or book 4 and get the 5th FREE – Days can be used over multiple weeks

*Please note on Summer Holiday camp days, days can be split over different weeks and STILL receive the discounted price

Alternatively Call 07535 558 119, 01306 882 052 or email tom@tombridger.co.uk



New role at Betchworth GC

Please note that in September 2021, I will be taking over the Managerial role at Betchworth Park GC, due to this I am not taking on any new lessons packages and will be running down the current outstanding lessons clients have.

If you’re a current pupil please book in with me via the book appointment button or via emailing me tom@tombridger.co.uk

For prospective new clients please email professional@betchworthparkgc.co.uk and the pro shop team will be able to get you sorted.

Thank you to everyone for their support over the years and I look forward to seeing you at Betchworth soon.




Tom Bridger PGA – Giving a Golf Lesson

Practice Ground at Betchworth

How can I help you play better golf?

I believe every player is individual and therefore has individual needs, through doing an assessment of your game, it allows me to see the areas you do well and the areas for improvement. Focusing on these areas will bring about the biggest change in your game and lower your scores as fast as possible.

I feel that working on the correct areas you can benefit straight away. A comment I hear that frustrates me is that ‘by taking lessons you will get worse first.’ I disagree with this comment why would the best players in the world continually take lessons. It is to improve their current skills and help them improve their levels of play.

I look to only work on areas that will benefit your game, in the assessment we will be able to talk through this and I can answer any questions that you may have.

What is the assessment about?

The idea of the free assessment came from me thinking what would I want in a coach, it lead me to think I would want a coach to invest time in me too, so by taking an hour to see what is needed in you game, it allows you to come down and talk to me about your golf and where you want to get to. The assessment allows me to see where you are with your golf and from here we can devise a plan to help you achieve your golfing goals. I look at each area of your game so that the time we spend together in the lesson can be best utilised. It gives us both a chance to work out whether we can work together to achieve your goals.

What qualifications I have

I am a fully qualified PGA member and hold an AA status and Lead Coach within the Surrey Golf Team. Since turning professional in 2003 I have under taken a large number of courses, these include Bio-mechanics (how the body moves), Golf Psychology, Learning Patterns and Performance Development. Using all these areas I can help you dramatically improve your golf. I have worked with players of all abilities from beginners to Professionals, the professionals i have worked with have gone onto with within the PGA region and on the Mini Golf Tours.

‘Tom’s very enjoyable group lesson set me up to start playing with mates and family, and I have recommended him to several people who are having golf nightmares, since he has a great way of teaching and explaining the mysteries of golf. A refresher lesson got me back on track last year after some goofy shots, and I will come back to Tom for some fine tuning each spring.’  Gary Drewett

Extras you get from having lessons with me

When booking a course of lessons with me you get over £100 of free lessons/services from me. You get a FREE assessment (worth £50) to help target your specific areas. A FREE lesson (worth a minimum of £30) when purchasing a minimum of 6 lessons you will also receive 4 vouchers to help your game.


All lessons receive  a FREE notebook to help keep your practice focused, used effectively the notebook will seriously enhance your learning and all future practice sessions.

With all this added value to your lessons, you will continue to improve between your lessons and to a much greater standard. My theory is the more specific the coaching is to your needs the better you will become. Look through the menu above to find out more information on all these areas. You also have my mobile number you can call me and talk through any area of your game 24/7.

With bookings of 6 lessons or more, you will also receive 4 vouchers for you to use. These are avaialble for members and non members of Betchworth GC. The vouchers include:

a FREE use of the Performance Centre

25% off a gapping session

25% off a playing lesson

FREE Coffee for members

Guest rate Green fee for upto 4 players – non-members (saving upto £25pp)


Indoor Performance Centre

Betchworth Golf Performance Centre 3

Indoor Performance Golf Centre at Betchworth Golf Club

At Betchworth I am lucky to have the use of the indoor performance centre with the use of the latest technology, ball data is picked up and projected onto a large hitting screen. You can then see ball flight along with spin rates, launch angle, total distance, carry distance, average distance, ball speed and much more. Providing accurate statistics is key to improvement on performance, no more guessing! Having the correct information about your game will allow you to make better smarter decisions on the golf course.

With the Performance Centre being indoors,there is no need to worry about the weather if you have a lesson booked in. This means we will also be able to offer lessons during the evenings of the winter months.


What should good golf coaching cost you?

The bottom line is… Good quality coaching can work out to be free to you, in fact, it might even make you money.

Just think about this, as a junior Tiger Woods paid for coaching and in fact he still does. This coaching had allowed Tiger to become the worlds first sport Billionaire. I think his coaching has certainly paid for itself.

Even myself, the coaching I received as a junior has allowed me to turn professional and make my living as a golf pro, I feel that coaching has stood me in great stead and has certainly paid for itself.

If you’ve started to play golf for work, (as we all know a huge number of deals go on on the course) and you have done business through golf, again the lessons have paid for themselves.

Even as a club player there is the chance for this to happen. By taking lessons you will have a greater chance of winning your club competitions, as well as the winnings from side bets against your playing partners.

Remember that good coaching doesn’t just last for the time you are taking the lesson, good coaching will allow you to improve in between lessons and will improve the level of all future games of golf.


All lessons on the range short game area and putting green, include golf balls so there is NO added cost.

Get yourself booked in today and start the process to getting the golf game you deserve.

To book a lesson or assessment contact Tom via tom@tombridger.co.uk or call 07535 558 119


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Tom Bridger – PGA Golf Professional