Golf Psychology and Golf Fitness Presentation Evenings

Golf Psychology and Golf Fitness Presentation Evenings

The importance of being mentally and physically prepared to play golf is becoming more and more prominent, with high profile injuries and breakdowns on the course happening more and more.

On a daily basis I get asked about good stretches that you can do to help improve your flexibility and how to deal with first tee nerves. So with this in mind I felt it would be a good plan to get together and do a couple of evenings that cover both of these subjects.

Golf Fitness

On Wednesday 19th November at 7.30pm, at Betchworth GC we will be hosting an evening on Golf Fitness. This presentation will be taken by Chris Wright of Pursuit Fitness Training. I have been sending the players I coach to Chris now for the last 4 years, the passion, drive and enthusiasm he displays in his daily practices is unrivaled, i do not know anyone else who wakes up an extra hour early to read and research before work! For more details on Chris please click here

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During the evening Chris will go over some things you can do to add distance and shave strokes off your score. You will learn about getting the body moving better, getting stronger, and more powerful, whilst reducing the risk of injury and getting rid of aches and pains. For everyone attending the fitness presentation, Chris will give you a a free bio-mechanics session, a free consultation, and a free golf fitness program, that you can do at home or take to the gym. This will be invaluable for you to do to get your body in the best shape to change your game.

Golf Psychology

On Wednesday 3rd December at 7.30pm I will be hosting a presentation on Golf Psychology, this will be covering tried and tested methods to help you think clearer, focus, relax and commit better to your golf shots.

We will look at what happens to us on the course, why we feel nervous, what to do in between shots and how we go about switching on our Golf Brains at the right time.

By getting a clearer understanding of what your are looking to achieve in your shot you can swing freer and easier and help unlock your best golf.

For everyone attending the evening you will get a FREE workbook which contains tasks and challenges for you to complete, to help you understand your game and how to get the most from your shots.

The cost of each evening is just £15 or to do both £25, this also includes a complimentary drink (of your favourite tipple*) on arrival.

To book onto either one or both of the evenings please fill in the form below or call 01306 882 052 opt 2 to get booked in.


*upto £3.99 per drink (so no Champagne, i’m not made of money!!!)