Hit balls from grass at no extra cost

Betchworth Golf Club, practice ground, view of clubhouse


Free balls when having a lesson, no extra cost, don’t pay the ranges an extra £5-£10 for balls


Where do you play golf, on a course which is made from grass, so practice on grass and get the best results. At Leatherhead we have a great grass range where the lessons take place to give you the most realistic feel possible. Practice how you play, you don’t play on a plastic course!

Betchworth Park Golf Club practice ground

Christmas Golf Lesson Vouchers

Looking for a gift that can be tailored to the exact needs of the recipient?

Beat the rush to the shops, Vouchers can be purchased online and sent right to your door.

All lessons will come with the FREE assessment first, this way the lesson time is best spent.

Go to the buy lessons page now to get your presents sorted.